Canadian Centre for Product Validation




Our comprehensive suite of electrical, mechanical, environmental, thermal, and performance tests provide a truly multimodal testing facility with integration across several functional areas…and it does so with a developmental focus. Not only will your product receive a “pass” or “fail” outcome, we work with you to determine the root cause of a test failure, detail under what conditions the product failed, and then develop solutions to ensure product success.

With CCPV, you’ll streamline your processes, reduce risk, and get your product to market faster with increased confidence.

  • Third party validation and benchmarking studies.
  • Multimodal testing to reflect actual or potential conditions of product application.
  • Identification of product shortcomings.
  • Enabling economically viable solutions.
  • Secure client hoteling stations to protect documents and test samples.
  • Access to federal and provincial research funding programs/grants.

Bridging the Gap

There are clear validation service “gaps” in Ontario and across Canada in existing testing services. The following are the key elements that the CCPV will address.

Service Gap CCPV Solution
Test Results The CCPV will offer an opportunity to perform developmental testing with staff to identify product shortcomings and create economically viable solutions.
Full-Spectrum Test Services The CCPV will offer full-spectrum test services to clients.
Location The CCPV is one facility in an excellent location in Southern Ontario.
Product Validation The CCPV will conduct cross- disciplinary testing based on real world conditions and worse-case conditions to provide a complete picture of how a product will perform.
Repetitive Developmental Testing The CCPV will work clients to create a design validation plan reflecting the various facets of product design and expected field usage to address limitations in critical interfaces.
Lab & Research Facilities Faculty at the CCPV will develop a customized and test protocol for the client. The CCPV can also partner with the research expertise of either the college or university partners to augment its own expertise.
Multimodal Validation The CCPV will provide testing across multiple test areas simultaneously.
Schedule The CCPV will provide schedule preference to key supporters.
Speed to Market The CCPV offers testing that will shorten durability or service life testing that will accelerate product speed to market.
Costs The CCPV offers affordable access to leading edge validation technologies and equipment.